New study shows that women give priority to cats rather than with her partner

Every woman would rather snuggle up with the cat than with her partner

Do you count your cat as a family member and do you have the first idea in mind on the couch? A new study shows that women, in particular, give priority to cats.

Agria Pet Insurance has carried out a new study on cat ownership and owners. The survey was conducted by PFM Research and responses were provided by 300 people.

According to the study, 83% think that cats have a higher status than dogs and 63% see their cats more like family members.

Women prefer to cuddle with the cat

Above all, it seems that women have taken cats to their hearts. Three out of ten women refused at some point to stay with their cat at home, and 54% of them would withdraw from a partner who does not like his cat. And the most interesting thing is that more than half of women cuddle with cats than with their partner.

The study shows that it is women who care for their cats and make choices in life where the cat goes before. 88% of pet owners say they love their cat - and how could they not love a face like this?

Hugging cats vs Hagging Partner?

The study shows that cats are winners.

The results of the study in brief :

  1. 51% of women surveyed prefer the cat to their cat rather than their partner
  2. 63% see their cat as a family member rather than a domestic animal
  3. 53% consider their cat to be invaluable
  4. 82% think that cats have the same or more status than dogs
  5. 88% of cat owners say they love their cat

The 20 Signs That Show That A Girl Is Interested In You


When you flirt with a pretty woman, you often ask yourself such questions:
Am I interested? Does she love me? Am I on the right path to seduce her?
Admit it, gentlemen It would be really great to have answers - concrete - to these questions and, thus, put a seductive end to all those little negative thoughts that hang in your head about the princess.
Read the title of the article ... it's done?
This is what we will actually see :)
As this name suggests, we will try to pick up the signs of interest that a woman can show you when you are in full seduction game with her. That said, you will have the chance to know if she is really interested in what you are telling and, therefore, by YOU.
Do you see the beauty of things?
In fact, we will know that your sweetheart is relatively attracted to you, which means, that your mission to seduce her becomes, as far as I know, easy, flexible and very easy.
To illustrate all this, imagine yourself in full professional interview for a position of capital in a large company, and you already know the questions that the manager will ask you, you know the answers ... You will spend this interview with a smile to the heart and, you can already start thinking about the car you are going to buy.
Seducing a woman, knowing that she is really interested, is the same thing. In the dredging, you are already planning in the future ... The cafe where you will invite, the clothes that you will wear for your first appointment, and there are even those who will start thinking about the number of babies: )
Good... Are you still waiting to know these little secrets? Ok, here we go to the show!


  1. It restarts the conversation when you stop.
  2. She laughs without restraint.
  3. She touches you.
  4. She turns around and looks at you repeatedly.
  5. She shakes her hair and moves it suddenly in all directions
  6. It supports your gaze when you look at it.
  7. She smiles at you and laughs at your jokes (even the most rotten ones)
  8. She stands near you (near)
  9. She laughs at something you said or interrupts a conversation you have with someone else.
  10. By the way, she turns her body toward you.
  11. She says something to her girlfriend, then they both laugh.
  12. She asks you the time, the fire, in short, she initiates a conversation.
  13. As you speak with the group, she is particularly talkative (to get your attention).
  14. She asks you for your name. (That's why you should never start by giving your name to an unknown person, so you force this IOI)
  15. She asks you your age (Grand IOI, play with it and have it guess).
  16. She compliments you. (you have to be blind to not see that she seduced)
  17. She is a player and tries to challenge you.
  18. She does not agree but she laughs (to what you say).
  19. She claps her arm laughing (like "But you're really funny !").
  20. She uses a nickname for you.

5 Miracle Ways to Get Rid of Dark Circles Under Your Eyes

Dark circles under eyes

Dark circles or dark spots are often disturbing. They reveal your lifestyle: as soon as you lack sleep, the fatigue caused by short nights is visible under your eyes.

These dark marks on your face make you look terrible. But, there is no need to feel sorry for yourself: it is possible to eliminate them and regain a bright look in five simple steps.

Change your bedtime

This may seem obvious, since dark circles are often the result of a lack of sleep, but it is above all the first logical move. You need 7 to 8 hours of sleep per night and, if you sleep less, you risk fatigue and dark circles.

By extending your sleep time and adopting a more natural rhythm, you will be less exposed to the risk of dark circles. How do we do this?

The first, and easiest to put in place consists of forcing oneself to go to bed at 22:00. In this way, after a few nights with some difficulty falling asleep, you will adjust your pace to what nature wants. You will start yawning shortly after sunset, and you will rise at dawn naturally.

By adopting a good sleep pattern, you will reduce dark circles and puffiness naturally. And limit your caffeine needs, which brings us to our second point.

Replace coffee with green tea

We've all experienced it: a too short night, an early morning awakening and a series of cups of coffee to last all day. If coffee can indeed keep you awake, it has a price: it also disrupts your sleep, with its high concentration of caffeine.

Green tea is a much healthier option: if it also contains caffeine, the doses are much lower, and above all, its diffusion less sudden. Essential, when you are looking for a new pace.
Bonus point: it seems that tea bags, filled with tannins, are good for reducing dark circles when applied to the eyes.

Drink more water

Dark circles around eyes are often caused by lack of water, an excess of water in the tissues that creates dark circles under the eyes by accumulating.

It is essential, to fight against dark circles, to hydrate , to facilitate the circulation of water in tissues and the body and to prevent it from getting stuck in the body.

Of course, green tea will help you in this business , but it will not be enough: you need to drink more water. Get closer to the two liters daily for an optimal effect on your skin. Well hydrated skin is not surrounded.

Apply slices of cucumber to your eyes

Yes, that sounds silly. But, the benefits of this use of vegetables are real. Use freshly cut slices of cucumber from the fridge for optimal effect: not only will anti-oxidants reduce irritation, but the fresh effect will also leave your eyes refreshed.

Besides, taking this habit will allow you to start before bedtime, a new step in your routine that will mark in your mind the approach of sleep time. Your brain will then let itself go to relaxation, which will make it easier for you to fall asleep.

Apply an eye cream

A good eye cream contains hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid helps to contain water in the deepest areas of the skin, hydrating it deeper. You can search for the best eye cream to buy.

15 people who spend a day much worse than yours!

You spend a bad dayYou tell yourself that it's all about you, and you think the spell is going on? Reassure yourself, you're not alone in spending a day of shit. 
When every detail of your day becomes complicated and everything seems insurmountable. It's not a big deal, tomorrow is another day ... But it may be worse! In the meantime, reassure yourself about the day's progress with these pictures that prove that people are spending a day worse than yours.

And for proof, we have selected some people who spend a day much worse than yours. Those images that should reassure you and make you aware that there is still worse on earth. When it does not, it does not want to.

15 people who spend a day much worse than yours!

Hide Their Scars With Unusual Tatoos

tatto hiden

If the scars of our past actions are permeated on our bodies forever, why not make them more artistic with the help of tattooing? That's exactly what this article is about, that is to say, tattoos that come to hide scars not very pretty that tend to complex people.

The goal is very simple, as, for a tattoo cover, the tattooist in question comes to cover the client's scar to no longer see it, or integrate into a drawing to give it an artistic side. So a nasty scarring scar becomes an ode to life, a birthmark becomes a sea turtle or even scar scars bloom into a pretty bunch of flowers. 

Discover those scars hidden by tattoos :

The Most Gorgeous Girl Ever !

The most beautiful girl ever!

Thylan Blondeau, French model and actress star, when she was a kid she's called as the most beautiful girl ever!
The 17 years old become one of the most famous models in the world because of her talent and especially her extreme beauty. She is the future of cinema in Paris.
You can find her Instagram at the link below :

@Thylan Blondeau