The 20 Signs That Show That A Girl Is Interested In You


When you flirt with a pretty woman, you often ask yourself such questions:
Am I interested? Does she love me? Am I on the right path to seduce her?
Admit it, gentlemen It would be really great to have answers - concrete - to these questions and, thus, put a seductive end to all those little negative thoughts that hang in your head about the princess.
Read the title of the article ... it's done?
This is what we will actually see :)
As this name suggests, we will try to pick up the signs of interest that a woman can show you when you are in full seduction game with her. That said, you will have the chance to know if she is really interested in what you are telling and, therefore, by YOU.
Do you see the beauty of things?
In fact, we will know that your sweetheart is relatively attracted to you, which means, that your mission to seduce her becomes, as far as I know, easy, flexible and very easy.
To illustrate all this, imagine yourself in full professional interview for a position of capital in a large company, and you already know the questions that the manager will ask you, you know the answers ... You will spend this interview with a smile to the heart and, you can already start thinking about the car you are going to buy.
Seducing a woman, knowing that she is really interested, is the same thing. In the dredging, you are already planning in the future ... The cafe where you will invite, the clothes that you will wear for your first appointment, and there are even those who will start thinking about the number of babies: )
Good... Are you still waiting to know these little secrets? Ok, here we go to the show!


  1. It restarts the conversation when you stop.
  2. She laughs without restraint.
  3. She touches you.
  4. She turns around and looks at you repeatedly.
  5. She shakes her hair and moves it suddenly in all directions
  6. It supports your gaze when you look at it.
  7. She smiles at you and laughs at your jokes (even the most rotten ones)
  8. She stands near you (near)
  9. She laughs at something you said or interrupts a conversation you have with someone else.
  10. By the way, she turns her body toward you.
  11. She says something to her girlfriend, then they both laugh.
  12. She asks you the time, the fire, in short, she initiates a conversation.
  13. As you speak with the group, she is particularly talkative (to get your attention).
  14. She asks you for your name. (That's why you should never start by giving your name to an unknown person, so you force this IOI)
  15. She asks you your age (Grand IOI, play with it and have it guess).
  16. She compliments you. (you have to be blind to not see that she seduced)
  17. She is a player and tries to challenge you.
  18. She does not agree but she laughs (to what you say).
  19. She claps her arm laughing (like "But you're really funny !").
  20. She uses a nickname for you.