New study shows that women give priority to cats rather than with her partner

Every woman would rather snuggle up with the cat than with her partner

Do you count your cat as a family member and do you have the first idea in mind on the couch? A new study shows that women, in particular, give priority to cats.

Agria Pet Insurance has carried out a new study on cat ownership and owners. The survey was conducted by PFM Research and responses were provided by 300 people.

According to the study, 83% think that cats have a higher status than dogs and 63% see their cats more like family members.

Women prefer to cuddle with the cat

Above all, it seems that women have taken cats to their hearts. Three out of ten women refused at some point to stay with their cat at home, and 54% of them would withdraw from a partner who does not like his cat. And the most interesting thing is that more than half of women cuddle with cats than with their partner.

The study shows that it is women who care for their cats and make choices in life where the cat goes before. 88% of pet owners say they love their cat - and how could they not love a face like this?

Hugging cats vs Hagging Partner?

The study shows that cats are winners.

The results of the study in brief :

  1. 51% of women surveyed prefer the cat to their cat rather than their partner
  2. 63% see their cat as a family member rather than a domestic animal
  3. 53% consider their cat to be invaluable
  4. 82% think that cats have the same or more status than dogs
  5. 88% of cat owners say they love their cat