Guinness Record Holder method to become a fast learner (Nishant Kasibhatla)

Guinness Record Holder method to become a fast learner (Nishant Kasibhatla)

Isn't it time to take control? Mastering Your Mind Instead Of Your Mind Mastering You? Reading this article will give you the key to open your mind and become a great memory master.

About Nishant Kasibhatla

Nishant Kasibhatla is a professional speaker, corporate trainer and an author. He is also a Guinness Record Holder and a Grand Master of Memory.
Oracle, American Express and Qatar Airways are a companies that have relied on Nishant to delivering presentations about memory and personal development.

Is it too late to become a fast learner ?

Many people limit themselves because they think they are too old or that it's too late to start something new.
"I used to hold a world record in forgetting it's not official if you ask my mom and dad they'll tell you, I had a lousy memory. In fact I still remember one of those days my mom asked me to buy something from the shop I got onto my bicycle and as I was going into the shop I totally forgot I went there on a bicycle, walked out of the shop and started walking back home and the most embarrassing thing was I realized I left my bicycle only the next day I lost it so I had a lousy memory I went from a person with a lousy memory to breaking a Guinness record and the good news is anyone can train their memory anyone can become a fast learner"  Nishant Kasibhatla

Master Your Memory

Oliver Wendell Holmes said a long time ago a mind that is stretched by a new experience can never go back to its old dimensions . That is the reason your learning ability decides your earning capacity. If you learn faster you will stand out from everyone, if you learn faster you can have an unfair advantage over others.

Focus on output not input

So, it all starts with input what I mean by input now most people they just focus way too much on input what I mean by input is they go to seminars, they read books, they watch videos, they listen to podcast, they follow up blogs, its input input input input ...

Well there's nothing wrong with learning, the problem is if you have too much of input with no output. What happens is you have shallow learning that's not good !

Well what's the point of learning something if you can't implement it and benefit from ?

That is pure intellectual entertainment, nothing else, we don't want shallow learning, we want deep learning and how do you do that we do it it's very simple for true mastery. You need to focus more on the output rather than the input.
When you learn something if you don't use it if you don't output it you lose it.

Don't do multitasking !

Here's the formula of how you can be a master at anything, the first things of course, learn which is when you are learning you must ensure that the quality of input is really high, you must be paying 100% attention to become a fast learner.

But the problem is when people are learning these days what do they do they do multitasking because of the devices that you're actually holding right now .

Doing multitasking will kill your momentum, you messed up with the quality of input now here's the thing your quality of input determines the quality of retention.

Visualization and Association Memorization technique

How many of you believe that the brain remembers pictures better ? Yes, that's reason why we always say I have seen you "somewhere" sorry what's your name ? Do you ever say, I know your name what's your face ? The human brain works, so what I do to remember numbers is I have pre-assigned visuals for every two digit number, so what I did was I tried to you know convert those into the number visuals that I already have and I use Association to link them up together.

I have a simple solution for you: If you're spending X amount of time on input my solution is at least spend two X amount of time on output.
Guinness Record Holder method to become a fast learner (Nishant Kasibhatla)