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3 insidious attitudes that’s causing you misery

3 insidious attitudes that’s causing you misery

Believe it or not, most of our miseries are caused by us, no matter how much we try to point it to something, we are actually the ones making it.
Our sources of problems are not found on the things we think have caused it, rather, the insidious attitudes that we allow to manifest are the true culprits that agitates our sense of complacency. And unless we can identify, acknowledge and resist these certain attitudes, we’ll have a hard time addressing a solution.
Desist on these following attitudes; they are the cause of your turmoil:


Bigots I have observed have a lot of problems in life.
They simply cannot tolerate some undeniable facts about life. Instead of yielding or adapting, they stick to their crooked beliefs even though it’s wrong.
Much of our problem comes from our inability to accept certain facts as truth; we see it, experience it, deduce reason from it, yet we are stubborn in accepting it. A certain colleague of mine has have problems dealing with other people. She is old yet she does not act her age. No matter how much her friends try to point out her errors, she does not accept it and points at others as the faulty ones. Her world has become small because of her bigotry, and until she becomes open to accept her faults she will continue wondering why she’s having relationship problems with others.
Allowing bigotry into our minds will keep us from expanding our horizons.


“Resentful or painful desire for another’s advantages.”

Get jealous and you’ll start poisoning your reason. Jealousy is a traitor that can lead you to act in ways that you’ll regret later on. 

We feel it without being aware, act upon its dictum by trying to satisfy its whim, and when we fail we become problematic. In his pursuit to outshine his neighbor’s newly renovated house a friend of mine got a huge sum of loan to improve his own house. Problem arises when he later on realized that he’ll be going to adopt austerity measures in order to meet the monthly payment warranted by his loan. Had he not allow jealousy to conquer him, he should have not suffered the meagerness he’s now experiencing.


“I have decided to stick with love. Hate is too great a burden to bear.”                                                                                Martin Luther King, Jr.
Did you not find hate to be tiring?
While it is natural for us to hate, I see no benefit in harboring it. I came to hate some people in my life and there is that powerful tendency not to forgive. But the more I hate, the more I burden myself with the heavy feelings of resentments that give me nothing but stress.
Have you observed yourself when you inadvertently came in contact with the person you hate?
Yes that right, your mood changes; you have that awkward feeling and the memory of your experience with that person is revisited. But note this: it’s you who get affected, it’s you who will suffer and it’s you that will get agitated—not the object of your hate.

If you want peace, learn to let go of hate and allow forgiveness to manifest in you.
I hope you’ll contemplate about this. Life is too short to trouble ourselves of the things not worthy of our time and energy.