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5 Great Ways To Treat Your Lover

5 Great Ways To Treat Your Lover

If you want to show that special someone how much they mean to you, you need not wait until their birthday or Valentine’s Day to do it. There is nothing more romantic than giving a gift just for the sake of it. Show that you are thinking of your partner and surprise them with one of the following gifts, they are the perfect way to show your love is real.


Whether for a man or a woman, roses are a classy way to treat your lover. Roses are that much more personal and sexy than a regular bunch of flowers, so don’t just get carnations, express your love with blood-red roses. Buying and delivering the roses yourself is always great, though ordering your roses online and having them delivered is special in its own way. There is no better way to end the day than getting home to find a beautiful bunch of roses.

Make Them Dinner

Going out to restaurants is always great, though nothing can compare with a home-cooked meal. Make it something elaborate though also something you can pull off, and don’t forget all the extra little touches like having candles, music, and of course, don’t forget dessert! Your lover will feel like the luckiest person in the world to have someone go to all this effort to impress them.

Express Yourself

Write a long letter or a poem telling your lover how special they are and how much they mean to you, and post it to them. They will be surprised to get snail mail from you though they will keep your letter forever. There is nothing quite as endearing as a spontaneous expression of your love, especially one you can keep and read over and over.


Even if you don’t know how, treat your lover to a massage. Get some nice oils and help work the stress out of their weary body. You don’t need to be a masseuse to give someone a relaxing back rub, though if you really don’t think you can pull it off, pay for them to have a professional massage done. The point is to show you care by trying to help your lover de-stress and relax.

Plan A Surprise Getaway

Get your lover to agree to keep a weekend totally free, though tell them nothing of your plans. Book in at a romantic little B&B somewhere nice, arrange for reservations at a restaurant nearby and even plan for breakfast in bed the next morning. Having flowers for him or her to start the weekend off with will also be a thoughtful touch. Research the area you’ll be staying in so you know of some options for things to do while you are there, though don’t over-plan as you want to give a chance for your partner to decide what he or she wants as well. Make it a weekend all about your partner.

The bottom line is thoughtful and spontaneous. Showing that you listen to him or her and know what they like is a great way to impress your lover, and your surprise gift will have them more in love with you than ever.