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7 Easy Steps To Trust Your Intuition

7 Steps To Trusting Your Intuition

Do you trust your inner instincts?
Is intuition a regular part of your life?
Are you just a thinker or do you feel subtler things?
Humans are quite amazing. We have the ability to create technology, medical breakthroughs, feats of engineering, and fly to the moon or across the planet at 30,000 feet. As well as beat disease, scale mountains, live in both extreme heat and cold, and give birth to new life.We can toil, plan, design, exert ourselves, study, prioritize, and think, employing every skill and attribute we have.
But the one talent we all possess that we fail to harness and fully utilize is that of our own instinct. Our inner knowing device. 
While some skills come and go, intuition is always there just waiting to be switched on.So, if you are stuck somewhere in life, are plain unsure, unhappy, or undecided, it’s probably time to awaken your inner oracle to provide the trusted answers you badly need.

The Big Hunch

The halfway house to intuition is the hunch. A mild prophecy like a nudge in the ribs to what’s likely to happen. Considered a less supernatural force (only due to changing the name from intuition) the hunch is an accepted trusted advisor often used in dating or gambling. Everyone has hunches and it comes up often in conversation, as in, “I had a hunch you would do that”, or “I bought that present for you because I had a hunch you would love it”. Call it what you will, it’s still intuition; the big hunch.

Your Higher Self

Where does this power come from? What makes intuition accurate?
Intuition is generally considered a spiritual component. A direct connection to our higher self. A part of us that knows our destiny, what is meant for us, the right road to follow, the decisions to make for the best, as it sits above our life and can see how it spans out. Like a radio station traffic plane reporting from the skies on the jams, accidents, and trouble spots below and how to avoid them. Intuition, therefore, suggests or signposts directions to a smoother route away from our troubles even if that appears to us to not ‘make sense’ or have little evidence on the ground of being a wise move.

Mind Management And Super Sensing

The main reason we don’t trust our intuitive instincts is that our brain dominates. The mind is the controlling component that acts like a logical computer chewing over all the data we pick up from our range of senses before deciding on the best approach or action on any given situation. A rational risk assessor within us.
Trouble is that human evolution has moved so far towards mind management to build and develop things, it has moved equally as far from the inner inkling that protects and directs us. We’re trying to ‘make’ sense rather than listen to our natural sixth one. Our super sensor had become redundant.

Where Is My Intuition?

When intuition is talked about most people think about the gut or stomach area. The gut instinct or butterflies in the belly. While this is true to some extent, intuition can occur anywhere in the body. Many experience a tingle in the hands, a mild facial flush, a warm feeling around the throat or back of the neck, even itchy legs. Intuition is individual so it’s best to know yours.
Discover where yours is trying to talk to you, to guide you and help you, and you can begin to answer your dilemmas. Add to that how to work those responses into a sensible approach and you will have all the means you need to rise above the turmoils of today. Troubles that bog others down. Chiefly because they can ‘see’ no way as they aren’t sensing it.

How To Use Intuition?

Here is a simple 7 step process to power up intuition in your life and help make the good times roll:

1) Find past proof. Go back to a time when you knew something, had a strong hunch, or that famous gut instinct about a situation that was spot on. Even if you didn’t trust it or go with it. Merely that it was there and proved correct.
2) Where was the intuition? Now you need to know where it showed itself in your body. Was it your gut? Or perhaps you had a tingly ear? Or hot hands when the intuitive message was delivered? Try to place yourself back then and remember.
3) What else did you sense? Intuition brings with it other feelings to ensure you recognize it? Did you feel the warmth? Or a ‘funny’ knotted feeling? Or perhaps sense some colors or imagine the answer in your mind like a vision almost? Maybe just simple tickly palms? What else comes?
4) Ask a question. Once you have zeroed in on where and how your intuition speaks to you it’s time to ask for help. Choose one small problem or scenario on your mind and what you currently think is best to do. Just one, not a whole list! Then wait.
5) Let the answer appear. Intuition isn’t the internet. It’s not a search engine with an instant set of answers. It needs time to check your life journey before a reply. But reply it will. It could be an hour. Or a week. But soon that feeling inside will well up and you will have the option best suited to smoother living.
6) Keep up the practice. After a lifetime without intuition, you are not going to be adept in using it initially. Continue to perfect it by asking simple questions first (like playing simple notes on a piano before moving onto more complex pieces). When your awareness improves step up the level of the inquiry to more important issues.
7) Chart the responses. Once you have an answer hopefully you are strong enough to follow it’s advice. Whether you do or not ensure you chart the answer your intuition has supplied to check the results. In time you may be highly surprised at its accuracy.

Intuition is not a supernatural force, it’s a natural power. Like the body’s self-healing abilities or that ESP connection with a long time partner. It doesn’t let us down. Neither will intuition. It’s your instinctive survival mechanism. It’s permanently there even if we are not. Turn to your intuition and it can turn you away from troubles and turn your life around. Don’t trust me, trust it!

Do you use your intuition? How has it helped you? What success has your intuition given you? Let me know as I would love to hear your views.