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7 Fears That Prevent You From Truly Living

Truly Living

Many of us live a life full of fear and consequently omit only a small percentage of our true being.
The battle with fear can be a daunting one no doubt, yet with the right mind-set, any fear can be overcome.

Fear of Failure

Since when did failure become a bad thing?
If we lacked the ability to fail we would lack the ability to learn.
Think about when you were learning to walk. Now imagine if you were fearful of falling. If it weren’t for failure you’d still be crawling today.
Failure is an essential part of life. Yet many continue to be deathly afraid.
Those who embrace failure rather than become intimidated by it, generally live much more successful and happier lives.
In each failure that occurs there is a lesson to be learned.
I remember when I ran cross country my freshman and sophomore year of high school, I was constantly afraid of performing below expectations (which I didn’t think were high to begin with.)
I constantly battled internally, not only my self-worth but the fear of failure. Fearing failure caused me to lock up and perform way below expectations.
It took a while but I finally learned that it is perfectly OK to fail. In fact it’s better to fail then to do nothing at all. When I stopped fearing failure I was able to stay relaxed and run at my best cross-country times.
Are you afraid of failing? Permit yourself to fail.

Fear of Being Alone

Many of us battle with the idea that we are alone. The truth is we are not. Look around you, you are constantly connected to this wonderful place called earth.
So often we isolate ourselves from the world and as a result feel lonely and depressed.
Remember, you are never alone, you are constantly connected. Only when you turn your back on this never ending energy of connectedness do you feel the illusion of loneliness.
Too often we forget that our relationships are a direct result of our mindset. If we think we are alone we will feel alone. If we think we are connected we will feel connected.
If you feel lonely it is because you are trying to hard. Stop trying and simply be.
Loneliness is one of the worst illusions known to man. The entire human race is internally connected.
When you tune into the never ending connection not only do you truly come alive but only then can you live to your fullest potential.
You are not alone.

Fear of Public Speaking

If you truly want to make the most of your talents and gifts, you must be able to speak and communicate effectively.
Contrary to popular belief, the ability to public speak isn’t something your born with, practice is all it takes.
Those who think they weren’t “made” for public speaking are only making excuses from themselves.
I truly believe that each one of us has a message that needs to be shared with the world and one of the most effective and powerful ways to do so is through public speaking.
Too often public speaking is blown way out of proportion. Thousands have passed out on stage due to nerves.
It is essential that you learn to overcome this fear as soon as possible. You aren’t alone in your nervousness. But with practice this soon goes away.
Too be perfectly honest, I’m still struggling with this fear yet I’m doing everything in my power to overcome it.
Are you afraid of public speaking? Two words: Keep speaking.

Fear of Criticism

All too often people are so afraid of being ridiculed that they don’t even try.
The truth is you can never please anybody so don’t even bother. There will always be somebody who try to put you down.
It is important that you use criticism to build you up instead of letting criticism make you weak.
Being a blogger I have had my share of criticism. Some of it has been valid while other times I found people who were just trying to tear me down.
If people take the time time to constructively criticize it means they care.
While it can be easy to get caught up in what your doing wrong, you must focus on what you’re doing right.
Use constructive criticism to help you grow and ignore the negative chatter.
There will always be those who try to put you down no matter what you say or do. Drop those people out of your life, you have no need for them. Instead surround yourself with people who genuinely care about you.
Never let criticism keep you from living your purpose.

Fear of Success

Yes you read that right. Some people are actually afraid of success. Many people shy away from the fact that with power comes responsibility.
Some people just can’t handle the spot light. The truth is you earned your success. Never doubt what got you there in the first place (assuming it was in a honorable manner.)
Success is nothing to be afraid of.
Success is nature’s reward for working hard. Put in the effort and the success will come. Never feel guilty of your success. You are successful for a reason.
Instead of fearing success use it to continually better humanity
Are you afraid of success? If so you could be seriously hindering your ability to grow.

Fear of Being Hurt

Many people are unreasonably afraid of being hurt.
Sure being hurt isn’t the greatest of things, yet you can’t allow the fear of being hurt control your life.
The truth is, each and everyday there is a strong chance that you might be hurt. Whether be in a relationship or through a a solid smack to your ego.
Being hurt is a part of life.
When you become afraid of being hurt you hinder your ability to truly live.
Don’t make being hurt into something it’s not. You are going to be hurt in life no matter how safe a life you may live.
It is important that you continue to take risks and embrace the wonderful moments in your life.
Allowing the fear of being hurt to dictate your life is one of the greatest mistakes you can ever make.
No matter how bad you may have been hurt you can choose to be happy today.
Don’t let the fear of being hurt keep you from living. As the old saying goes. “Live. Laugh. Love.”

Fear of the Unknown

Life is an amazing journey filled with uncertainty, that’s what makes it so beautiful. The more we learn to embrace every moment the happier we become.
While we may not be able to predict the future, we must do all we can to truly life today. Life is too short to be fearful of the unknown.
Embrace each and every moment and be the very best you can be.
Are any of these fears holding you back? Are you the best person you can be? Stop letting fear dictate your life. It’s time to live today.